30 January 2010

Jennifer Causey, blogger of the lovely simply breakfast, revealed her new completed project yesterday, a photo book documenting her adventures in Paris. You can view a preview of the book here.

via (simply photo)

P.S. Here's a capture of my breakfast (croissant & Irish breakfast tea) from yesterday. Sorry about the crappy cell phone quality. I was too lazy to get my camera.

26 January 2010

Happy birthday, Paul Newman! You are truly missed.
You should tune in to the Paul Newman marathon on TCM today!

Bearded Newman is my favorite.

24 January 2010

22 January 2010

It's 5am, it's raining outside, and I can't sleep. I miss being a fervid francophiliac. A part of me is glad that I'm not as obsessed with French culture as I used to be, but the other part--my unwavering French-loving side--has been wanting to come out ever since I saw An Education. In light of my suppressed francophilia, here are some wonderful French-inspired illustrations by Clare Owen to inspire:

21 January 2010

A beautiful photo of a tattoo designed by calligraphic artist, Betsy Dunlap.

20 January 2010

I just finished watching An Education. Such a cinematic film with great acting, photography, set design, and such rich colors too (I loved the violets and blues in this film). I loved the bit of Paris! My francophile self came out watching this. Carey Mulligan was an outstanding lead. And, I think I might have a small crush on Sarsgaard now.

I stumbled upon Scottish photographer, David Eustace, in my Anthropologie newsletter a few months back when he collaborated with them for their new arts based online site, the Anthropologist. Anyways, his work was so beautiful, I had to go check out his website. Most stunning portraits I've seen.

He is also a TV commercial director. His work in this medium is just as poetic as his photography.