25 January 2011

Inspiration Tuesday

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23 January 2011

Wild 'shrooms

Last December, Element and I went mushroom hunting on the 60-acre property surrounding his home in Nevada City.  My thoughts wander back to this day occasionally and I can't help but relish the memory of the moment when I put blewit mushrooms into my mouth for the first time (they taste like heaven).  They have a distinct bluish-lavender color on the cap and gills and smell like a fruity lilac.

21 January 2011

Cecilville, CA
July 2010

03 January 2011

On my feelings on photo blogging

"A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into." -Ansel Adams

With that quote in mind, I'll try and explain my qualms about photo blogging. It's hard for me to maintain a truthful photo blog. I mean my photography is truthful (I post only those that I feel strongly about), but in terms of accompanying words, I tend to hold back my thoughts. I'm not much with words anyways, but I wish I could express why I feel so strongly about a certain photograph. The only reason why I keep this blog as simple as I do is so I can present my photography in an unembellished way. Words, I think, embellish photography. I also keep this blog minimal for the sake of organization and aesthetics. I find that keeping this blog minimalistic helps me from going off-topic and to stay focused on the subject of photography--I have often wanted to post about fashion, music, etc. Sometimes I feel that if I put too much words along with my photographs, it'll take away from the photograph itself. If I post too many words, it'll hinder the impact of the photograph making it overstated, if a photograph is capable of such. If I don't post any, it'll keep people wondering--which I prefer because I value mystery.

Which...leads me to the topic of photo blogs acting as photo dumps of other people's photography. I try to avoid that as much as I can, as I find these photo-dumping photo blogs become uninspiring after scrolling through so many inspiring photos... can then become an eyesore and its many photos lends itself away from any meaning.

One of the things I am still struggling to learn is to describe my art (and aesthetic) objectively. I try to tell people what my aesthetic is about, but my description is so scattered. I like to tell myself that I am an artist based purely on emotion, but I feel cynicism creeping up my alley when I tell people that... I'm beginning to see emotive photography becoming more and more trendy and less meaningful, the meaning having been lost in its virtual circulation in the many cyber pockets of blogs and social-networking sites.

So, in short, as you see, this is my photography blog. It is meaningful. If it is for you too, then I am gratified.