28 February 2011

From the archives...

Pomona, CA
Spring 2010

25 February 2011

I've been writing a lot in my new green-living blog, earthly bodies. Check it out!

15 February 2011

Taken at August's glorious farm.
July, 2010

11 February 2011

Inspiration Friday

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09 February 2011


So, I've set up some personal projects/goals for myself which, I believe, will motivate me to jump-start some project ideas that have been running through my mind.

  • One is that I'll start a "green" blog where I will document my on-going transition to living a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  I've always wanted to create a separate blog just to post all the vegetarian/vegan recipes that I've been making.  It is always a great idea in your head, but actually making it happen ... well, you actually gotta start doing things and planning stuff etc.  Well, actually, first, I gotta start cooking more often.  That's the first thing I'd have to do to make this happen.  I haven't been able to cook much because of school (an intense courseload this winter semester) and because frankly, I haven't had the motivation to try new recipes.  I've been learning a lot of new things lately, particularly herbalism and alternative/holistic medicine such as Ayurveda, which I would like to share with you guys at some point after the creation of this green blog.  Also, I'd like to share some bits about permaculture I've been learning about through people I've met recently at Amy's Farm.  I'd also like to document my backyard vegetable garden, sustainable eating, and share my thoughts on my pursuit toward simple living.
  • Another project that I've had in mind since last month (nay, since forever) is starting a personal photo project about sustainable agriculture.  I realized the only way this will materialize is if I dedicate my time to it and make things happen.   
So, we'll see where this goes and I'll post an update.  On another note, I've been getting some awesome stuff in the mail this past week.  First was this geometry tote that I had made-to-order by Abby (from her etsy shop, Infusion Fibers).  The tote is made out of sustainable and organic materials.  I'm completely in love with it.

I also got this: The Greenhorns Young Farmers Guidebook.  It's a great resource for beginning and aspiring farmers.  I highly recommend it if you want to start a career out of sustainable agriculture.  I got my pocket edition from the Greenhorns etsy shop.  You can download pdf file of the entire guidebook here

Yesterday, I finally got Wendell Berry's The Art of the Commonplace.  I can't wait to sit down in a quiet place and read it.

*EDIT - I created my green blog!

03 February 2011

CSA share from Amy's Farm
Fall 2010

02 February 2011

Crisp winter morning

Nevada City, CA
December 2010