15 May 2011

On Somewhere to Disappear

Laure flammarion and Arnaud Uyttenhove, two young European filmmakers, followed the American photographer Alec Soth all over America during winter 2008, summer 2008 and spring 2009. Riding in the back of the artist's van, they drove more than 20 000 miles together going from one state to another, and from one season to another. The result is a 57 minutes movie about the photographer and his project, which was called 'How to disappear in America', about people who decided to withdraw themselves from society. The road trip offers a series of incredible meetings but it also tells the story of an introspective journey.

View the trailer here.  
You can see the photos that he took in this film on his website -- project entitled Broken Manual.

10 May 2011

From the archives...

Paris, France; Winter 2006

01 May 2011

Hoping to update...

So I've withdrawn from a class.  Since then, I've come out of my stupor and regained my sense of clarity and am now back to my organized, stress-free self which is allowing me to focus a lot more clearly on my personal goals outside academia; I'm also now able to achieve a happy balance in terms of work v. play.  (A.K.A. I feel better.)

Anyways, some updates I hope to accomplish:

  • artist statements for projects (explanation, motivation, thesis and all)
  • reconfigure my website
  • add old work (135, 120)
  • organize and categorize my photos (hoping this will allow for elaboration on my style)
Photo project update: I'd like to get my photo project going or at least accelerate in some way, but I know rushing a photo project would not yield any sort of meaningful result.  Things are going well in terms of shooting at the farm.  I'm looking forward to connecting with the holistic living center.  I find shooting with film frustrating and realized it is not practical for this project; I'll probably go rent a DSLR (buying my own will wait).