25 February 2010

Whole Foods

With spring classes going on, who has the time to write thoughtfully-written, art-inspired essays? Not me. I'm going to promise myself that I will keep art school my first priority. I have an art gallery class so hopefully that will keep me inspired and motivate me to complete apps.

I have been eating whole foods lately as a result of my failed attempt at a Clean detox. However, my failure has only resulted in better eating habits and food choices. Eating organically (pesticide free fruits&veggies, wild fish, and hormone-free meat), reading the ingredients on virtually everything I buy at the grocery store, and going non-dairy is just the surface of what I've changed in my day-to-day food habits.

I've even considered going vegan, but I think that is going too far. I love food too much. Lately, I've been eating a lot of vegetarian dishes so I hope this will be the beginning of a green-dominated diet.

Some captures of what I've been eating lately:

1. leaf from heart of romaine, hummus spread, and black lentils
2. brown rice, potato-carrot fritter, black lentils
3. blueberry + almond milk + chia seed smoothie sweetened with agave syrup

20 February 2010

Haven't been in the blogging mindset lately. Almost half complacent, but persevering through busy work and the anxiety that comes with portfolio preparation and art school apps. Just trying to enjoy my final weekend before Spring semester. Hoping this Sunday won't be a rainy one.

Here are some summer photos I finally developed from my panoramic film camera: