29 November 2011

Rose and rosehips

Taken with expired, Tungsten-balanced film hence the blue tones.

28 November 2011

M. Coquerel

I've always admired M. Coquerel's photos for its simplicity and romantic quality.  I've particularly taken a liking to his portraits.  Though, I don't understand why he took his best projects down from his website.  (The last two photos are from those projects that are no longer up on his website.)  They were superb.  And his color palette is maqnifique.  I die inside every time I revisit his photos.

View his website.

16 November 2011

Jack and Gerald skinning black snake

July, 2011

Here's a video of them skinning it:

13 November 2011

August napping
July, 2010

11 November 2011

Jake Stangel

What I'd like to know is how this guy maintains his large format camera gear while bicycle touring across America? I say dedication and his approach to photographing simply using minimal equipment.  Though, I gotta say, a large format camera is a pretty bulky thing to handle while biking. How does he do it?

View the rest here.

10 November 2011

French New Wave-inspired

My attempt at a Francois Truffaut film still à la 400 Blows. 2008.
Taken with this.

I went through a French New Wave obsession back in high school.  I remember only taking lo-fi black and white shots with my plastic cameras to try and recreate the monochromatic and cinematic tones so prominent in 60-70s French New Wave films.  Now I'm over it.  I am really into color photography right now and my Francophilia died down.

Here's the scene which inspired the above photograph:

07 November 2011

Terres Compromises

Love the monochromatic tones.