22 January 2012

Wilder Q.


I just subscribed to this.
I'm really excited to finally find a contemporary artistic collective dedicated to the modern generation of farmers/agrarians.

21 January 2012


I just found my USB drive that I thought was lost forever and stumbled upon some outtakes from the photo shoot in 2010 that resulted in this photo. This shoot was really fun and the model, Brendon, was such a natural in front of the camera.  I met him at a friend's studio art class and immediately had a vision.  That same night, I e-mailed him and I described my vision to photograph him and he complied!  The next day he showed up wearing exactly what I had envisioned plus more.  It was amazing.  The lovely spring weather could not have been better!

Stay tuned

Good stuff in the works!  Stay tuned... Been busy but will make time to organize my work from my current photo project and share it here.  My website is currently down, but will be up and running soon (hopefully).

06 January 2012

Friends at the local swimming hole. 
Burnsville, NC
Summer 2011

This picture looks much better large on my website. (Just sayin'.)