25 February 2010

Whole Foods

With spring classes going on, who has the time to write thoughtfully-written, art-inspired essays? Not me. I'm going to promise myself that I will keep art school my first priority. I have an art gallery class so hopefully that will keep me inspired and motivate me to complete apps.

I have been eating whole foods lately as a result of my failed attempt at a Clean detox. However, my failure has only resulted in better eating habits and food choices. Eating organically (pesticide free fruits&veggies, wild fish, and hormone-free meat), reading the ingredients on virtually everything I buy at the grocery store, and going non-dairy is just the surface of what I've changed in my day-to-day food habits.

I've even considered going vegan, but I think that is going too far. I love food too much. Lately, I've been eating a lot of vegetarian dishes so I hope this will be the beginning of a green-dominated diet.

Some captures of what I've been eating lately:

1. leaf from heart of romaine, hummus spread, and black lentils
2. brown rice, potato-carrot fritter, black lentils
3. blueberry + almond milk + chia seed smoothie sweetened with agave syrup


A Table For One said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to do a detox cleanse but never had to willpower to set it in motion. UGH! One of these days...
Good for you though for eating a little more "greener", haha.

sofifik said...

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