18 August 2010

Summer pt 2

I've had such an eventful summer that I can't quite squeeze it all into one post (mostly because I have so many pictures), so I've divided it into three parts. Part 1 is the post previous... which encompassed early to mid-June. It was a time of transition, quiet and relaxing days, and soaking up the Southern California sun, or rather the L.A. smog (har har). The last week of June was spent road tripping with a friend to Northern California (which I fell in love with) on our way to wwoof and spend the 4th of July at Taylor Creek Farm in Siskiyou County. We drove up the the scenic coast highway 1 and couch surfed on friends' couches along the way and saw some amazing sights and had some crazy adventures. Some highlights were Big Sur, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Berkeley, the tiny coastal town of Gualala (which was so beautiful), and Arcata.

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