26 April 2011

A photographic outline

I have to preface this by saying--or rather writing--that the ideas I'm about to present are hopelessly and inevitably unoriginal.  I mean who wudda thunk?  Well, just about every documentary photographer I've stumbled upon on the interwebz.  The photographic outline for my photo essay is derived from the ideas of  photographer Todd Selby's The Selby and most recently, Jenn Causey's newest photo project, The Makers Project. Both projects are reliant upon environmental portraiture--a photographing style I'd seriously like to get out of my system--and both employ the use of a narrative that weaves each photograph together and tells a story.  In addition, there is use of a succinct interview questionnaire towards the end of each photo essay--a component of the photo essay which I'd like to expand on.

Perhaps, my one inspiration is the recently published book, Farm Together Now, a book which I happened  upon when I was perusing through the A.P.P.L.E. Center for Sustainable Living in Nevada City last December (Was the universe trying to tell me something?).  Like the projects mentioned above, the book is pretty much a photo essay though not entirely reliant on photos but addresses, through interview and essay, the issues surrounding the growing local and sustainable food movement.  I have yet to buy this book and hope to use it as reference to examine the local food movement happening here in L.A. County.

My photo essay circulates around the theme of sustainable agriculture and alternative means of consuming and living.  Aside from the farm, there are other candidates that I'm considering but all of that is yet to be fully thought out... I've decided that this will be a long-term photo project taking course over a year--hopefully it'll be a done deal by Spring/Summer 2012.

I'll update my progress as time passes and things unfold.

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